November 6, 2014

According to Canadian Employment Law Today, the CBC has filed a motion asking the court to throw out Ghomeshi’s lawsuit because “all the claims asserted by Mr. Ghomeshi in this action fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of an arbitrator appointed pursuant to the collective agreement.” No return date has been set for the motion:

Slow news day… so here’s a link to a CLE paper about resignations Simon K. Kent and Jennifer D. Wiegele, both of Kent Employment Law in Vancouver, that I found useful for a project I was working on:

Spoke too soon. A lodging company in Nisku is facing sanctions from the temporary foreign worker program for providing allegedly misleading information:

The federal government has barred a lodging company in Alberta’s oilsands from using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for two years after an investigation found the employer provided “false” or “misleading” information in support of its applications for foreign workers.

The owners of Noralta Lodge Ltd. in Nisku, Alta., have been publicly “blacklisted” after the government revoked 19 applications for temporary foreign workers, CBC News has learned. The applications or labour market opinions are needed to prove the need to hire a foreign worker over a Canadian employee.

The applications for foreign workers were revoked because “the employer or group of employers provided false, misleading or inaccurate information in the context of the request for that opinion,” says a notice posted on the website for Employment and Social Development Canada on Nov. 4.


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