November 18, 2014

At some point, I’d like to adopt a paperLESS practice (as in less paper, rather than no paper). New technology should allow lawyers from a range of different practices to become more efficient and offer a higher level of service to clients. However, the latest saga from the BC Law Society is not a particularly promising:

As an aside, someone in authority standing up in the middle of your presentation to tell the entire audience that you are wrong is one of my greatest public speaking fears.

Following the death last year of an oilsands worker following a bear attack, Suncor is now making bear safety training mandatory:


Big news in the oil and gas industry yesterday when it was announced that Halliburton agreed to buy Baker Hughes for $34.6B. Together, the two companies have reportedly over 140,000 employees worldwide and many are expecting layoffs to deal with redundancies:

There’s been a lot written about Bhasin v Hrynew in the past few days. Here’s one of, in my opinion, the better summaries out there:


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