December 4, 2014

Came across this article on how to stop wasting time in meetings while surfing the web on my phone during a meeting yesterday:

The Ontario Court of Appeal, in a decision dealing with the approval of a receiver’s legal fees, has some choice words for the billable hour model:

Justice Sarah E. Pepall for the Court of Appeal dismissed the receiver’s appeal, and held that “there is something inherently troubling about a billing system that pits a lawyer’s financial interest against that of its client and that has built-in incentives for inefficiency. The billable hour model has both of these undesirable features.”

This past week, two journalists in the United States were fired for their inappropriate behaviour on Twitter and other social media providing further examples of employees being disciplined for off-duty misconduct:

An article by Field LLP on the current state of the law concerning lawsuits by unionized employees against their employer inspired by the Jian Ghomeshi saga:

Another post by Field LLP, this one a bit more dated, concerning restrictive covenants in employment agreements and the enforceability of those provisions, especially non-competition clauses:

Tips from Maanit Zemel for preparing a CASL compliance policy:

Determining which country’s laws will apply to employees on foreign assignments is tricky:

Last month, an Alberta company was fined $80,000 under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for a workplace accident that occurred in 2011 when a worker’s hair was caught in a conveyor belt drive shaft:

Tips for implementing a smoking cessation policy at work:

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